Ablemen is a full service branding and marketing communications agency. We provide consultancy in formulating branding and integrated marketing communications strategies that are designed to achieve specific outcomes. Utilizing a variety of communications mediums we will create winning strategies for our clients that adhere to even the most restricting of budgets.

We work closely with our clients to formulate marketing communications plans that utilize advertising, public relations, on-line engagement and event marketing to achieve the business opportunities our clients identify.

Here are just some of the areas on which we can work with you:

Brand Building & Branding Strategies

If your company is in business, whether it is selling products or expertise and time, you need to brand it. If you think you are already ahead of the competition and want to stay ahead, then you have to brand that lead. We will work with you to develop lasting brand strategies that will serve to build your brand's equity to become a valuable corporate asset.

Marketing Communications Strategy Planning

Whether it is to generate more sales, create product awareness or even long-term brand building, we would like to brainstorm with you to develop a winning strategy that will cater to your interim and long term marketing communications goals.

Advertising Services

Advertising can be a very potent and effective marketing communications tool. By taking every aspect of your campaign into consideration, from creative outlook to media selection and strategic buying, we would like to work with you to ensure that every last ad Ringgit you spend is utilized to its maximum.

Public Relations

When you have something to shout about, you want to be heard, and by the right people. Getting good publicity these days is often easier said than done. We'd like to help you get the best out of your PR efforts by putting that much needed spin on things.

On-line Engagement

The world is a much smaller place when you can communicate with much of its population with the click of a button. Engaging your target audience on-line is critical to building your brand and your business. We can work with you to stamp your presence in cyberspace.

Event Marketing

To successfully utilize this marketing tool, creative ideas and good coordination is critical. We happen to have both - a creative team that'll come up with unique ideas to make any event memorable (and for the right reasons) and a project management team that have a keen eye for even the smallest of details.